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You’ll regret not kissing her a lot more than you’ll regret kissing her.

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if the l word decided to have a reunion episode, movie, or season, what would you like to see? if you were writing it, what would happen to all the girls? where would they be in life? just curious what your views are on it. xx




This is a really good question. First off all, they should do it Skins season seven style. A few different storylines that cover each of the characters. Maybe there could be a Bette/Tina episode, an Alice/Shane episode, and a Jenny episode. Helena and possibly Max and Tasha could be featured in the Alice/Shane episode, and Kit in Bette/Tina’s (kind of like how Naomily was featured in Effy’s series). 

To me, Bette/Tina’s storyline would be the easiest to tackle. I wouldn’t have them break up or anything because that’s been done to death. Maybe some parenting struggles, Angelica being bullied for her two moms, another child (now in preschool) maybe requiring more attention than they have to give. Maybe this would cause a move back to LA from New York and a reunion with all their friends. This might sound boring but I’ll explain why it won’t be when I get to Jenny’s story.

Alice and Shane would still be best friends living in LA, hanging out almost daily. Except now, Alice is engaged, and not to Tasha. During her nearly year long stint in prison (being falsely convicted for Jenny’s *murder*), their relationship again fell apart. The thing is, she’s been engaged for two and half years and the wedding planning hasn’t moved forward much at all. Her fiancee is everything she thought she wanted, but she can’t help but think about Tasha and worry if she’s settling for comfortable but boring in lieu of passionate yet imperfect. Quickly approaching 40, Alice also feels pressure to think about having her own children (possibly going to Tina for advice). She ends up deciding to break off her engagement and has Tina accompany her to a fertility clinic. As they get out of the car, they’re spotted by Tasha who happens to be just across the street. Does Tasha approach Alice or does she let her go for good? (Dun dun dunnnn…….)

Shane is still single and with her closest friend making more and more grown up decisions, she’s starting to feel pressure to make some of her own. But she’s still the same old Shane and gives in to temptation over and over again. Clearly the audience doesn’t get sick of Shane just boning different girls over and over again (neither do I really I mean do you) but the real story line begins when Helena comes back from a three month long vacation in the Bahamas. Tan and sexy (late season five looks ahem) and irresistible to all (as per usual), Shane tries to forget that stir inside she felt the first and only time they kissed, nearly six years before. After a convoluted talk with Alice (in which Alice has no idea what she’s talking about but tries to help anyway), Shane holds on to a very specific piece of advice. Alice told her that some of the best and most lasting relationships are the ones that start out as friendships (enter a very Alice-like quip about Jenny to sort of lead into her episode). 

Jenny is alive and well. In fact, she’s better than ever, and all of her ex friends are aware of this. The difference is, Jenny’s now living in New York City, writing a column for a top fashion/lifestyle magazine (let’s say Marie Claire)(let’s also have a Carrie Bradshaw-esque sequence because happy stylish Jenny is my favorite Jenny) and compiling a book of mini memoirs that detail the lives of compulsive liars and sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder. At first wanting to purely curate, she decides to add her own story. But not having written a book since Lez Girls, she’s suddenly forced to think about her old life in Los Angeles. 

Jenny decides to write all her old friends, beginning with Bette and Tina. She’s heard lots of things about Bette’s new gallery and was even invited to the opening a year or so prior, but declined. She knew the invitation wasn’t from Bette, but from Tina, and refused to interfere with their lives again. She writes to them to ask for permission to use their names or likeness in her memoir, something she tries to not feel regret for neglecting in the past. The new Jenny is not apologetic about her past, but at the request of her therapist, simply chooses to focus on the present and future. 

Upon receiving the letter, we get a flashback from Bette’s point of view on the night of Jenny’s “death.” This is what makes it possible for her to be alive, because in Bette’s flashback we’ll see that Jenny never actually died. She fell into a coma and was presumed to be the victim of an attempted murder. But defying all odds, she awakened, and after a short period of rehabilitation, packed up and moved away without a word to anyone. Anyone except the authorities, which is how Alice finally was released from prison.

Jenny ends up receiving a reply from Bette and Tina, a short note saying they would like to meet up in person. In Los Angeles.

Then we could have a flash forward. It’s six months later. Alice is pregnant and deciding to raise the baby alone, but has only recently began dating Tasha again. She’s optimistic about her future, but finally at peace, knowing she’s made the right decisions. Shane had developed a crush on Helena and after a night of drunken sex (which we don’t get to see, because you should always leave them wanting more), they decide to try romance, but it fizzles quickly. Thankfully their friendship is not negatively affected at all, and they move forward closer than ever. Shane’s newfound sense of responsibility comes from her new career (owner of her own salon, professional portrait photographer), and the purchase of her first home. We could have her walking into it, completely empty, having the camera pan up from her hand (holding the keys to the front door) to her face, which is smiling and satisfied. Bette and Tina return to West Hollywood and settle into their old neighborhood. Tina finally becomes the head of the household, and Bette’s maternal instincts come out in full force now that she’s a full time stay at home mom. Imagine a sequence where we see Bette on the floor in loose fitting linen pants with their son, finger painting (rip my heart out tbh). And then we see Jenny, back in NYC, walking out of a bookstore with her new memoir in hand. The camera zooms in to the words “New York Times best seller” and the episode ends as she walks into her apartment and presses her answering machine button. 

"Hey Jenny. It’s me." Jenny hears Shane’s voice and stops dead in her tracks. What could she possibly want?

And the screen fades to black.

This is awesome.

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Lynda Howitt - oil on canvas and board


Arnold don’t play no games hoe.


Arnold don’t play no games hoe.

I’’m fun to flirt with but not to date because I’’m a psychopath.

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Shane’s back